Gabrielle Thomas And Brionna Jimerson’s New Line ‘Black Glow’ Is Exactly What The Black Beauty & Home Fragrance Industry Is Missing

Gabrielle Thomas And Brionna Jimerson’s New Line ‘Black Glow’ Is Exactly What The Black Beauty & Home Fragrance Industry Is Missing

When it comes to beauty, scents, and skincare in the black community, it’s rare that you can actually find items that cater to our skin and uniqueness. Thankfully, we have a variety of black businesses stepping up to fill the voids that desperately need to be. One of our latest finds is, Black Glow: An upcoming natural skincare and candle line that provides items fit for families of all backgrounds! Gabrielle Thomas and Brionna Jimerson are the two entrepreneurial brains behind, Black Glow. Taking their own individual businesses (Gabrielle’s blog ‘Gabby’s Nice Things’ and Brionna’s candle company ‘briCandles’) and meshing them into one, these ladies used their partnership and talents to create Black Glow. Kicking off the holidays and 2017 by giving viewers a better understanding of just how amazing their products truly are, Brionna and Gabrielle are currently having a huge sale going on! And trust us — Once you hear more about their products and movement, you’ll definitely want to take advantage of this offer.



The inspiration behind Black Glow grew from a longtime bond between the two co-founders. “While Black Glow is new, our partnership started as a friendship 7 years ago in the halls of our alma mater, Tufts University,” Gabrielle says. “Black Glow grew out of our love of expressing ourselves through creative endeavors. We’ve stepped out and had a successful co-venture with this Black Glow set, and it’s a true representation of how we love one another, our friendship, and the feelings we want our audience and customers to have.”

Although it seems like the perfect life, we all know that being an entrepreneur already has it’s own ups and downs. So it’s even more clear that being black business owners can be even more challenging. Luckily, both Gabrielle and Brionna have the background and mindset to weather any storm that gets in their way. “Knowing that there are people out there whose wants and needs have been neglected by consumer markets and the media and are appreciative of our efforts to eliminate this status quo – That’s what keeps us motivated,” Gabrielle says.

Backed by their consciousness of what the black community is lacking, Gabrielle and Brionna also have the knowledge to help fuel their mission for change. “We both studied African diasporic studies at college (Tufts University, a PWI), and we know the importance of supporting our community with our time, resources and most importantly, our MONEY AND BUYING POWER,” Brionna says. “Being black-owned and delivering a quality product that our customers can have faith in keeps us going. We want ‘black-owned’ to be synonymous with quality, innovative, and relatable. That’s what Black Glow is–we’re relatable, authentic, and chic.”

While using their homemade products to help promote self love and self care, these beautiful ladies are determined on using their skills to help create necessary changes in the black community — One household at a time.

It goes without saying that Black Glow is currently making moves to secure their success in 2017! So how can you take action and support their movement? Browse through their online shop to pick up any items suitable for your needs. Starting this February, briCandles will be releasing three limited-edition 100% natural soy massage candles inspired by authors like Zadie Smith and Maya Angelou.

Gabby and Brionna will also be cataloging their entrepreneurial journeys on Brionna’s Podcast “Bri Books“. This millennial-focused podcast centers around Brionna’s career in media and love for all things books and personal development.

Brionna Jimerson, co-founder of ‘Black Glow

Gabrielle Thomas, co-founder of ‘Black Glow’

We asked Brionna and Gabrielle to describe themselves in a few words. And judging by their work ethic and overall mission, we couldn’t agree more with their response:

We are two entrepreneurial professionals, committed to building a new stream of income based on our passions for learning about other industries, self care, and ‘nice things.’ We’re the ultimate side hustlers devoted to our craft and learning “on the go.” We know the secret is to just START, and follow the next steps on your journey as they come!


Be sure to follow along with them to see where this journey takes these beautiful women. Also, be sure to take advantage of the $5 off promo code by using code blkbox at checkout!

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