Speaker And Detoxification Specialist ‘Liberty Priceless’ Is Using His Knowledge To Encourage Self-Love Amongst Communities

Speaker And Detoxification Specialist ‘Liberty Priceless’ Is Using His Knowledge To Encourage Self-Love Amongst Communities

They say the best things in life are free, so what better way to express that than to create price worthy products that exude nothing but love and light??? Well, that’s exactly what Liberty Priceless is doing.  This Speaker and Detoxification Specialist is schooling some and reminding others about the importance of self-love and good vibes. Outside of inspiring and encouraging his followers through videos via Instagram to become more aware of their energy and surroundings, Liberty Priceless is on a mission to bring out the best in others. Accompanied by his partner Angel Balfour, who helps create products and is a certified massage therapist who assists with detoxification through lymphatic massage, these two are creating an environment fit for individuals looking for a better lifestyle.



Liberty Priceless’ partner, Angel Balfour


On his mission to promote better living conditions, Liberty Priceless has products and services built to meet the needs of any and all people Worldwide. Aside from physical items, FreeEnergi Sessions are offered to enhance each customers experience. And by using his platform to speak about Cellular Regeneration through detoxification, Liberty never hesitates to talk about the endless benefits of living a conscious and honest lifestyle. But why stop there???




Leaving no area untouched, Liberty Priceless is also the co-founder of Liberty Self-Love Boutique with his brother Christopher Batts located in Nashville, Tennessee. Known as the home of FreeEnergi, this space that supports and thrives off of the law of attraction, not only sells GrandProductz, but offers services customized to fit the needs of every individual who walk through the door.

During a brief interview, I had a chance to pick the brain of Liberty Priceless himself, and here’s what he had to say:

Tell us a little bit about yourself… How did you get started?

I am 30 with my first child on the way. It is a girl. I got started about 4 years when I realized I had to make some adjustments to the lifestyle that I was choosing to live or I was headed to a progressive destruction. So I moved 500 miles from I comfort zone and began to change the lifestyle choices that I was making. I learned to love and communicate with my body properly. Through meditation, asanas (stretching/ poses), and a more peaceful diet.

What made you want to go into business for yourself?

All the people around I are in need of jobs with real progressive opportunities.

What’s been the hardest part about thus far?

Making time for all I immediate loved ones.

What made you want to become a Speaker and Detoxification Specialist?

So that I can be able to introduce new perspectives of living to my fellow human beings & have advice to help my immediate family rid their bodies of dis-ease.

You sell an array of products: candles, air purifiers, aromatherapy, self love products, this list goes on. What sets your products apart from similar products on the market?

All of our products were originally crafted for personal use and is still hand-crafted with love by my partner and I to this day.

What’s your favorite product from your line and why?

Self-Love Butter. Because I was always ashy before I started using Self-Love butter, because all the other lotions I tried just did not make my skin feel good inside & out.

I see the words ‘Good Karma’ and ‘Free Energi’ attached to your name and products a lot. Why are those things so important to you?

Once I realized that we create our own realities through our thoughts, actions, & spoken words I figured that I should spread the knowledge in my own particular way and “GoodKarmaInEffect” is a reminder to I and anyone that pays attention to I that nothing is unnecessary and we have to know that we bring all of our life situations to us and nothing bad happens to I. And “FreeEnergi” is simply Honesty and Nonjudgement (unconditional Love) that can be and it energizes the spirit when we are not defensive towards it.

Other than yourself, what or who keeps you motivated???


Why do you feel it’s important to Own Your Own and go after what you want in life?

We are producers.

If you could give fellow entrepreneurs one piece of advice, what would it be?

Follow your heart & Pay Attention.

If you could only describe your brand using only 3 words, what would they be?

Lovely, Progressive, & Honest

In 7 years, where do you see your business?

Only time will tell. I only know that things will happen in divine order.




With so much going on in the world today, it’s important to keep your energy clean and your mind right. Which is why GrandProductz are a necessity for every household! If it hasn’t become clear already, a proper level of positive attitude and positive energy is extremely important. Surround yourself with like-minded people and always remember to speak and listen to postive messages throughout the day. If you’re looking for encouragement from motivational speakers, be sure to check out Liberty Priceless on Instagram.

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Also if you’re in the area, be sure to join Liberty Priceless at the Level Two: Iridology and Regenerative Detoxification Protocol Workshop in Punta Gorda, Florida September 26th-30th.


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