The concept of CULTIVATE BLK came about after becoming frustrated by the endless amount of names that have become hashtags through the power of social media due to police brutality and similar situations:

- Trayvon Martin.

 - Freddie Gray.

 - Korryn Gaines.

 - Oscar Grant.

 - Eric Garner.

 - Michael Brown Jr.

 - Philando Castile.

 - Alton Sterling.

 - Tamir Rice.

 - Sandra Bland… The list goes on.

After getting tired of tweeting #BlackLivesMatter and crying over viral videos detailing the moments leading up to black men and women being gunned down by police with the result of no justice, creator of Cultivate Blk Monique Dee decided to use her talent, social media platforms and websites as a way to help build up her people and take much needed action. After going into communities, encouraging youth, and playing a leading role in Colin Kaepernick and Nessa’s Know Your Rights Camp for young adults, Monique has become determined on being a part of the solution. “We can hashtag names, shame internet trolls and post angry messages all day,” Monique says. “But until we begin to uplift the black community and take back the power of the black dollar, all ‘black lives matter’ posts are null and void.” 


Via the CEO, Monique Dee:

“I’ve stressed, lost hair, and probably worked harder than I’ve ever worked IN MY LIFE for this platform. But I got tired of watching the news and getting upset about injustice and not doing anything about it except vent on social media.

This was built to expand and encourage the awareness of Black Owned Businesses and to share other resources that help foster growth in our community. Our platforms are made to celebrate and promote Black Businesses, Black Culture, Independence, and Power.

No matter what race you are, if you believe in uplifting the Black Community, this platform and this inspiration is for you.

Thank you for supporting my vision for change.